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The Features

Optimally-manufactured carbon fiber is the perfect material for frames that are stiff, durable, and light weight. When produced correctly, carbon fiber is more durable than steel and has the additional benefit of being non-corrosive. Although carbon is a very stiff material, it has the unique property of also absorbing vibrations better than any metal product. This produces a bike that is both rigid for quickness and smooth for comfort. Compared to aluminum, carbon is lighter, twice as rigid, and more stable. Producing quality, carbon bikes is not easy, however. It begins with the right frame design and selection of the best carbon material. In addition you must use the optimum manufacturing process along with an intensive quality-control effort. Storck Bicycle prides itself on having the finest quality carbon bikes in the industry.

The Production

The production process begins with a 3D CAD drawing of the frame or part. From there a mold is created. With meticulous attention to detail, the carbon fibers are soacked in resin and precisely placed into the mold based on a thorough build layout. To position the fibers in their exact location, they are heated and pressed into place using an air channeling tool. At this point the frame or part is smoothed by hand in a very labor intensive but crucial part of the production. Also at this point special aluminum reinforcments are added to those areas where bolts are attached. At each step in the process Storck takes special measures to ensure the highest quality possible. The craftmanship on Storck products is far superior to all other manufacturers. For nearly two decades Storck products have been designed, engineered and tested in Germany. Manufacturing takes place in both Asia and Germany.

The Material

The carbon used today in bicycle frames and parts is a complex combination of fibers and resin, and sometimes thermoplastic synthetics. The fibers themselves have a very thin diameter of approximately .0007mm. These ultra thin fibers actually have six times the tensile strength of steel, but they are 1/5 as dense. This means the fibers are both lighter and stronger. Storck only uses the highest quality fiber available. By starting with a superior product design and using the finest carbon and production process available, the results are frames and parts that are incredibly light, strong, and lasting. Storck´s superiority is evidenced by the numerous design and testing awards we have received.